Herren på täppan är han som vet mest

Boston warehouse

Ever since I was a kid, my dad has been talking a lot. He keeps doing it, but I don’t have to hear it as much as I did before, obviously. It’s pretty great to be able to control it yourself. I mean, I can go to my parents’ house when I feel like it. A good thing for mom is that her hearing declined, which means that she can choose to turn down her hearing apparatus.

Anyways, our family have lived in Utah for generations. You’re born here and you stay here, that’s the drill for us. My father, however, worked in a warehouse in Boston for 2 years. This story, out of all stories that he repeatedly tell people, is his Magnum Opus. It is insane, how many times I’ve heard the story of his years are the warehouse in Boston. I’m guessing now but I’d say maybe around 150 times at this point. It’ll probably be many more times still.

Here’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I just finished college and I figured I wanted to go somewhere and do something completely different. Me and a friend are going together but until yesterday, we hadn’t really figured out where. Europe? Asia? Texas? Then I came up with the idea. “How about we go to Boston and work in a warehouse?”. Boston seems like a cool city and warehouse seem to be a nice job, to be honest. My friend liked the idea. We spent the whole evening thinking about how that life would be. Working together, side by side, at the warehouse in Boston.

“Why?” you might wonder. Well, it is of course partly because of the reasons I mentioned above. Boston and warehouse has qualities that we were both looking for during this off-year. But on a more complex level, I kind of feel like I want to do what my dad did do – in a weird way – make him shut up about it. I’m thinking that, if I do the same thing that he did, if I work at a warehouse in Boston, it’s not so unique anymore. He will not be the only person in our family to have moved up to Boston to work in a warehouse.

What do you think? Is this reason enough to do it?

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